Missing Persons Search and Recovery

Providing underwater investigative services

Sonar Technology

Search Team

Cold Cases

Family Support

Guardians for the Missing

We provide services to families of the missing in hopes of finding their loved ones. We work in conjunction with Missing Children International Ministries.


It is important to share cold

cases with our community.

Bringing our neighbors together


Our services require

cutting edge, sonar technology.

any donation you can make to help

is grealty appreciated.


Dedicating your time to

help search and share

would help bring closure

to these families.


Our team specializes

in underwater investigation.

We will do our best to bring

your family closure.

Search and Recovery Team

We are not a federal or state organization. We have come together because we believe everyone deserves to find closure no matter how much time has passed. We do not offer any legal counsel. We only come together to search for the missing in hopes of helping their families find closure.

501c3 Organization


Search Team

Find Closure

 Missing Persons Search

and Recovery Team 

We are here to help when all hope is lost. We specialize in underwater investigation and we are ready to lend a helping hand. We do this for the families of the missing to hopefully bring them closure and uncover the truth.

Helping Families Find Closure